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Bay One Originals

At Bay One, we believe stories are told effectively through innovative perspectives accompanied by experience and expertise. Our collective identity spans cultures around the world, and queer lifestyles, accompanied by traditional upbringings resulting in unique stories to tell and an earnest language to communicate them.

Venus Fly Trap by Will Stokes

(music video)

Directed by Nick Bradshaw

The Monster - Mark Shock

(music video)

Directed by Nick Bradshaw

Bubbie Joan

Bubbie Joan, the story of a life lived, is a portrait of Joan Skydel, who has experienced both the inspiring highs and raw, damaging lows, that life challenges us all with conquering. She recalls the details of these experiences and through reflection, provides us with valuable life lessons.


Two men, trapped in an empty room together, attempt to complete their assigned roles. Who wants what from whom? Do not remove your ear protection for any reason. 

Dollars and Sense 

Freely adapted from a story by Anton Chekhov; a prodigal son returns home and attempts to share his success with an uncomprehending father—a man who measures success and happiness on very different terms. The soup is served, the bread is broken.

Official Selection at both the Big Apple Film Festival and Culver City Film Festivals for the 2020 season. We raised over $10K with the help of our fans and community to bring this project to life.

Directed and Co-Produced by Nick Bradshaw Written and Co-Produced by John Alban Coughlan.

Sound For Your Ears

A podcast that proudly focuses on nothing at all. We’re here for your listening pleasure, whether it’s on a car ride, folding laundry, or training to beat up the guy who said your mom was hot. With your host, Phil Bevers, this show is exactly what you need to fill that deep, devastating void in your brain.

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