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Executive Board

Managing the Creative and Logistical direction of Bay One.

Our successful Production House wouldn’t be the same without our fantastic team members, who will work tirelessly to help you execute your project and deliver the results you’re hoping for. Read their stories below and contact us today.

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Nicholas H. Bradshaw


Award-Winning Director/Producer based out of Brooklyn, Nick Bradshaw is a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College. Serving as the Owner and Operator of Bay One Entertainment since founding the company in 2018, Nick has worked in a wide range of positions over his career in independent film and television production. Balancing internal company projects while also working as a freelancer in various outside contracting work, Nick is dedicated to bringing others’ visions to life beyond his own. With a passion for storytelling in all forms, he hopes to produce in multiple mediums, develop a strong creative team producing under the Bay One umbrella, and push his creative and logistical talents further in the coming years.

Philip Bevers

Co-Vice President, Acting Co-COO, Strategic Content Director

Phillip Bevers, a native Texan, is an award-winning Film Composer and and up-and-coming Music Producer/Audio Engineer based in Brooklyn, New York. As the Co-COO and a Creative Director for Bay One, he strives to bring unique and varying perspectives to reality, whether it’s of his own imagination or other’s. Finding a deep interest in the connection between human embodiment in music and acting, he also acts as the Executive Composer and Audio Engineer for Bay One, allowing him to develop a sonically-driven creative expression for the company as well as his business acumen. Since moving to New York, Phillip has composed for a multitude of films and projects, including the award-winning short film “Dollars and Sense”, written by John Alban Coughlan.

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Kevin Mora

Co-Vice President, Co-COO

Kevin is a Creative Director and Business Strategist for Bay One whose day-to-day is heavily involved in project management of the growing company. As a published research scientist and founder of a small community organization turned teacher, Kevin is highly competent in managing teams/individuals to ensure we work together in a goal oriented manner to make high quality video products that achieve the desire of clients. In addition to logistics, Kevin has experience in acting, musical performance, and sound production that have resulted in many independent live theatrical productions & performances in NYC as well as films.

Jason Marrero

CFO, Co-Creative Director

Spanish Harlem's own Jason Marrero is a Puerto Rican award-winning film director with a knack for delivering unique storylines and memorable characters. Jason is an alumni of Marymount Manhattan College and possesses a BA in Communication and Media Studies, with a concentration in Cinema, Television and Emerging Media. In 2017, Jason wrote and directed his first short film titled 'The Devil's Courier'. The film would go on to win the Jury Award in the Dominican Film Festival that very year and would and would also snatch up semi-finalist honors in the Hollywood Screenings Film Festival. In 2020, Jason would write and direct his second short film titled 'Americana Pulp'. 'Americana Pulp' would go on to win the 3rd Place Award in the 2020 Dominican Film Festival short films category. The film also was accepted into the Paris LiftOff Film Festival in 2020. Jason is currently working on creating a dramatic series, set to air in 2021 on BronxNet.

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Rebekah Moses

Supervising Executive Manager, Co-Creative Director

Rebekah Moses is a recent graduate of Marymount Manhattan College in New York City where she majored in Production, Stage Management, History, and Literature. She began her work with Bay One in 2019. Most recently she directed her debut short documentary titled "Bubbie Joan".

Leah Giles

Storyboard Artist/Graphic Designer

Leah Giles is an artist, maker, and arts educator in Brooklyn, New York. She has worked in illustration, animation, filmmaking, and production design and has won multiple awards for her animations. She is currently an Art Education graduate student at School of Visual Arts. She has worked with Bay One Entertainment for two years and continues to bring her imaginative and bright design to productions.

Leah Giles.jpg


From Composers to Location Management, meet the team making our projects come to life.


Martin Macalino

Digital Content Creator


Stephan Washburn

Digital Content Creator/Drone Pilot


Michelle Mor

Cinematographer, Lighting Designer, Content Producer


Charlotte Brighton

Screenwriter, Content Producer


Sebastian D’Acunto, Esq

Corporate Secretary, General Counsel

Interested in connecting with one of our team members? Contact us today!

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