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"Step, Leap"

In an alternate 1969, the Apollo 11 Mission has left Earth, Neil and Buzz have landed on the moon, and their third crew member, Michael Collins, reports in that they’re having some serious technical difficulties. Discussion of what to do reaches President Nixon. Options are limited, and the hard decision has to be made; will they be abandoned

on the moon?

Though we have faced delays in Production due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are still working to finish the short and hope to wrap our Principal Photography by 2022.


Why Now? Why You?

"I’ve been working on bringing this project to life since I was 16-years-old. Alternate history has always been an area I found myself venturing into when writing creatively. It astonishes me that so many events and outcomes are left to chance, or sheer will to succeed. Minor changes, butterfly's wing flaps in the hurricane of life, make all the difference. Therefore, when I first heard about the Moon Disaster speech, I had to get my hands on a copy.

I was moved to think that two of the most celebrated heroes of our time could have become monuments to space travel in a similar, but much more solemn way. With what seems to be impending disaster here on earth, humanity continues to look to the stars for hope. Space travel has always been held in high esteem within culture and pop culture multimedia as humanity’s future. A future that comes with great sacrifice on many people’s parts in the journey of exploration. I hope to remind my audience of that feeling of pride and oneness experienced in the majesty of space travel, and the historic moonwalk, while asking them to consider what could have been had one of our most giant leaps turned into a tragic stumble. We often ignore, or rather do not even consider, alternate history. What could have been, where we would be, there’s no need for it as we do not have to live in its legacy or ramifications.

I hope that "Step, Leap" will break the mold of feel-good, hope-filled space travel films. I want to leave the audience in awe, but not because they’re able to get the boys home last minute."  

- Nick Bradshaw

Screenwriter/Director - "Step Leap"

Upcoming: Video
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