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The Making of a Monster

Curious about the creative process behind a music video? Have you ever wondered what it takes to collaborate with an artist and bring their vision to life? We worked with Mark Shock to create a music video for his single, The Monster, and we're going to tell you all about the creative process.

How It All Started

Bay One reached out to Mark Shock with the idea for a video for "The Monster" after coming across his music and realizing the 5-year anniversary of its release was just around the corner. We came ready with a vision: Black & White, practical makeup, and a creeping gate. Mark was immediately onboard so we got to work.

Working Together & Providing Context

Yes, we had a vision but capturing the artists' message and hearing it from them is one of the most important parts of working with an artist to create a music video that not only resonates with them but their audience as well.

For Mark, The Monster was a tribute to his grandfather with whom he shared a love for early Horror cinema. The 1931 Boris Karloff Monster was a huge inspiration for the song itself, and we wanted to match many of those aesthetics for the make-up and tonality. We were going for the movie Frankenstein, not the book.

Getting Into the Details

The lyrics and the song itself express the anguish felt by the Monster, having been dropped into a world without meaning or direction, and his pursuits for both. He laments killing a young girl by accident while playing with her by a pond. This is what inspired the setting.

In the music video, we watch his journey from the wild wilderness and into the realm of man, splitting between woodland countrysides and a very classical, almost medieval, church.

The Importance of Performance

The key to this was Mark's dedication to the piece. He's a horror junkie and could've easily taken this performance into a caricature of Frankenstein. Instead, he delved deeper, playing less with the walking corpse and more with the tortured soul unsure of its origins. His performance made it clear the anguish he wished to express.

The dedication to his music and the message he wanted to convey is what brought this project together.

Interested in Working with Bay One on your music video?

We will always come with ideas and a vision. It's up to you how hands-on you'd like to be but we suggest coming to the table with a message you'd like to convey and the inspiration behind your music or song. We're always happy to conceptualize the whole piece if you're not sure about creative direction.

From minimalist to maximalist, let's create something amazing together!


Bay One Entertainment is a film and video production company based in Brooklyn, NY that specializes in narrative and commercial production.

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